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Deck Maintenance 101

People frequently ask us about the proper way to maintain a deck. It’s a little bit like asking a Doctor about the proper way to stay healthy. Nonentheless, we appreciate the opportunity to share insights.

Some customers have done extensive research and others are simply wondering “are there companies that do this type of thing?” and “how much would it cost to hire out that aggravation?”

In either case, we need some information first. (If you are looking for help with a deck maintenance project, click here.)

We are always delighted to engage customers in a discussion at any level of detail that they maintain interest. We tend to think about these matters on a cerebral level that some find surprising.

For example, at the time of a recent deck assessment, we noted the wearing patterns in the decking boards, especially from the house to the steps. From that we would understand that the family dog runs that way to pee, and the grill master of the house walks this way to cook food. Depending on how deep the forensic analysis needs to go, we might have also noted that the previous coat of stain is peeling in the section of the deck that gets the highest level of sun exposure. Of course, we know the remedy for these ailments.

Let’s be honest, if you are a homeowner or property manager of any sort, you probably have exposed wood somewhere on your property that is in the process of decay, rot and general deterioration. Its just the natural course of lumber, timber, trees, etc.

The primary purpose of our service is to delay the onset of deterioration by keeping surfaces cleaned and coated. In matters of exterior wood maintenance, we tend to think of ourselves a little bit like dentists.

  • Cavity in your tooth? That sounds to us like rot in your floorboard! Both need might need extraction. We’ll add a pressure treated filling in its’ place 😉
  • Insufficient spacing between boards? Need braces? That sounds to us like boards in need of re-setting. We have a Team of carpenters, drills and all.
  • Joist decay? Root canal.
  • Structural deficiency? Oral surgery.

Just as everyone must decide which doctor(s) will attend to his or her oral health, so too must every property manager decide who will attend to the exterior wood under their care.

Our hope is that you call us early in the process. It is ideal to have a deck maintenance strategy from when the wood is freshly installed. We can provide you with the kind of advice that will prevent common problems that come as a result of improper care.

In the matter of customer service, we have a philosophy that aims to surpass the expectations of our customers. In order to do so, we need to understand the unique requirements of each customer.

What will drive your decision?

Budget, cost and price – If budget is the primary decision driver, we need to know that early on; sometimes we can make decisions about the operational plan, including crew size, tools, equipment and supplies we’ll need. Please note: if price is your primary concern, there is a chance we won’t be able to achieve our promise to surpass your expectations.

Core Values and business practices – if you are a consumer who takes note when a vendor operates in accordance with an admirable set of values, we are likely a good fit. Our Team operates at a high level because our field crews are holding to the same aspirational values as our administrative and executive employees. We meet as a Team on a regular basis, share best practices, and reflect on what we can do to continually improve our performance. We judge success by our ability to satisfy the unique needs of each customer.

Expertise / guidance – if you want to consult with an experience deck maintenance expert, we have you covered. For years, we’ve spent time inspecting the condition of our customers’ wood decks. We have examined all aspects of the structure, assessed the carpentry methods utilized for construction and observed the effects of wood exposure to sun and rain. We have experimented with every stain application method we could think of and read about. We have studied and field-tested a wide variety of deck maintenance products. Our experiences are shared internally so that knowledge and information flow freely throughout our Team.

Reliability / Trustworthiness – Read our Reviews! Many of our customers took the time to share their experience with others. We understand the needs for customers to feel comfortable with our crews, so we encourage interaction between customer and crew!

Cost-effective maintenance – This is home base for DeckPro. We view the maintenance of our customers’ deck holistically. We appreciate the economics behind preventative maintenance and ongoing wood care, we need to know that. If you are looking to implement a cost-effective wood protection plan that will extend the life of your deck, we need to know that.

Products – Occasionally customers have a specific product or process in mind. We can accommodate a wide range of product requests, and we will likely share our experiences using them. Our most commonly used deck stains for standard pressure treated decking includes SuperDeck, Behr, Olympic, PPG, Cabot, Arborcoat, Penofin, Messmers, Ipe Oil.

Whatever the primary driver is for the decision to hire a deck maintenance service provider, we believe it is necessary to consider the long term plan in order to make a sensible short term decision. We have many customers who wish they had contacted us before applying that problematic coating. A little bit of advice can go a long way toward protecting your investment. We will be happy to help get started on a customized maintenance program.

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