COVID-19 Policy

As COVID-19 cases spread throughout our state, we want to reassure customers that we are sensitive to the need to “flatten the curve” and have implemented policies to achieve that objective while continuing to serve customers in need of our services.

As a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company dedicated to the maintenance and repair of buildings and dwellings, we are open for business under modified operating policies in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout the rise in seriousness witnessed in March 2020, the DeckPro management team, professional advisors, and employees monitored the guidelines closely, shut down operations for a period of time, and met intensively to ensure that we would re-open in compliance with applicable regulatory orders and safety guidelines.

If a project is fully accessible from the exterior of the building or dwelling, then we will operate as normal.

Until the restrictions are lifted, we will not schedule any project where a Crew Member would have to enter a customer’s house or place of business.

If the only way to access a project is through the house or building, a project would be postponed until restrictions are relaxed or lifted.

Our crew will arrive in separate vehicles, use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), work 6 feet or more apart from each other, cover their cough, stay home if sick, and not enter inside homes or businesses for any reason.

In addition to the standard tools, equipment, and gear, DeckPro crews are equipped with gloves, sanitizing wipes, cloth masks, and hand sanitizer.

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