Deck Wash & Repair

Deck Pro Powerwash Company is proud to be the region’s leading deck restoration, deck repair, and power washing service provider that keeps your outdoor space looking great!

If your deck looks a little worn or the surfaces are rough, you can benefit from our washing and staining services.

In addition to looking good, a well maintained deck will last longer, maintain its structural integrity, and save the owner money on repairs and replacement.  If your deck has mildew or mold on the surface, our professional pressure washing company can help!

Sometimes power washing the deck, spindles, and hand railings is enough to make the improvements that you are looking for, but many times some wood deck repair is what homeowner needs to achieve the desired result.

Designing and recommending the most appropriate deck maintenance program requires consideration of many factors, including the age of the deck, frequency of treatment, quality of the product used, usage patterns, and product application method.

If you’d like to get a free estimate for a custom deck maintenance program, fill out this basic form and we’d be happy to be in touch.

Deck repair services include floorboard replacement, hand railing replacement, spindle replacement, hole patching, and lattice replacement.

It is far more economical for homeowners to repair damaged wood and properly maintain those surfaces than it is to demolish and replace a deck after it has fallen into a state of rot and disrepair.

If you have warped boards, broken lattice, and/or cracked floorboards, DeckPro Powerwash Company will repair your deck as part of our deck maintenance service.

It is not uncommon for a deck or patio to grow mold or mildew grime, whether it is wood or composite.  Don’t be embarrassed, just call us and we can remove deck mold!  Lots of folks think about replacement it when a pressure washing service and sealing would be a far less costly solution, and provide restoration to it’s previous condition.  A professional power washing technician from DeckPro will clean away the mold and mildew problem, and apply the appropriate coating or sealant to minimize the problem for the future.

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