Fence Maintenence

Wood fences are commonly used to mark the edge of property lines and enclose areas for children and pets.  If left untreated, a wood fence will dry out, rot, and fall into shambles.  We recommend washing and staining wood fencing every few years.  Vinyl and other types of fences also look much better when they are clean.

DeckPro Powerwash Company provides fence repair and fence maintenance services so that our customers can enjoy both a functional and beautiful element of their outdoor space.  The customer decides whether to use a clear sealant, semi-transparent stain, or solid stain.  Each option should be considered so that the customer gets a high quality pressure washing service with attention to detail.

If your fence is weathered gray, starting to split or crack and/or grow mildew, moss, and algae, call today to talk about the best way to restore your outdoor wood and properly maintain the fence for the future.

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